Active Tenders

NIT No. Title Last Date Upload On File
13594 Sub Head- Operation, Running Maintenance and Testing of Fire Detection and Fire Fighting Equipments in different buildings at IIT Delhi 01/06/2020 21/05/2020 View
13595 SITC of Timer Panel for Sequential Operation of AC machines at different locations at IIT Delhi 03/06/2020 26/05/2020 View
13597 Replacement of old and worn out Grills and diffusers of Computer service centre at IIT Delhi. 03/06/2020 26/05/2020 View
13600 Providing and Fixing Electrical Installation work in Cell Biology LAB at ITEC Sonipat 05/06/2020 26/05/2020 View
13598 Sub Head- Comprehensive Annual maintenance of energy efficient Central A.C. Plant of Central Library at IIT Delhi.(Day to day operation of the plant is not in the scope of work) 08/06/2020 26/05/2020 View
13596 Providing emergency supply connection to Nalanda Hostel from 250KVA DG Set near Vikramshila Apartment at IIT Delhi. 08/06/2020 26/05/2020 View
13601 Name of work - Modification of existing container for chemical storage at back side of block no.-V in Acdemic Area at IIT Delhi. Sub-Head- Civil Work. 11/06/2020 28/05/2020 View
13592 Synopsys TCAD Tool 4458-0 Synopsys AsiaPac 3D (Advance) TCAD University Bundle - 05 Licenses (3 years Academic Network Floating License) 11/06/2020 21/05/2020 View
13593 DC sputtering system (500 W) 11/06/2020 21/05/2020 View
13599 Single Photon Avalanche Diode 15/06/2020 26/05/2020 View
13603 Photo Multiplier Tube System 19/06/2020 29/05/2020 View
13602 Surface area analyzer for catalyst 25/06/2020 28/05/2020 View