PhD research

Research title Abstract
Behavioral and Neurophysiological Correlates of Object Representation and Evidence of Neural Plasticity View/Download
Development of Indoor Environment Monitoring System and its Application. View/Download
Studies on surface modification for heteroepitaxial growth of GaN View/Download
Active Antenna And Circuits For UWB Transceivers View/Download
Production and Characterization of Bacterial Nanomagnets View/Download
Platinum Group Metal Complexes of Hybrid Organochalcogen Ligands and Catalytic Organic Synthesis View/Download
Modeling, Control and Fault Diagnosis of Air-Conditioning Systems View/Download
Carbon fabric reinforced polymer composites: Development, surface designing by micro and nano PTFE and performance evaluation View/Download
Study of condensation characteristics of pure and mixtures of HFC refrigerants in horizontal tubes with micro-fins View/Download
Numerical & Experimental Investigations of Microscopic Gas? Liquid Flows View/Download
Investigation of Multiphase Reactors Using Radioactive Particle Tracking View/Download