Startup@IITD: When technology meets fashion

Would you like to see a virtual image of yourself in apparel that you would like to buy? A startup from IIT Delhi will soon help you do so.

ESTYLO is a Fashion Tech Startup Incubated at IIT Delhi. The product development started in 2017 and the team has recently launched their first product in the market which is a Personalised Fashion Recommendation System. ESTYLO is also developing a few other Innovative Products like Virtual Trial Room and System of Automatic Product Categorisation.

CEO and Founder Bishwajeet Sisodiya talks to Dr Vanita Srivastava and chronicles his journey, the challenges and the future roadmap

When and how did you get the idea?

During my engineering days, I used to help my friends with online/offline shopping. Most of them had the issue of selecting the right style for them. They used to be confused about what will look good on them. I used to help them because I had a passion for fashion. I was always curious about new cutting edge technologies. I was good at problem-solving skills and was the Vice President of one of the cultural club of the college. I designed a t-shirt and sold around 1500 pieces of same.

I wanted to find a way out to solve the problems people faced while shopping & I wanted to do this by using technology so we started working on the project from 2017. I build a team of IITians and graduates of NIFT and we have recently filed patents on the technology.

What were the main challenges

One of the major challenges was of building the right passionate team. Now, we have built a very strong team of 9 members. There were other challenges too like fundraise, validating of the idea, getting the right mentors but with time we were able to overcome all of them.

What is the future roadmap of your startup

We have built a Personalised Fashion Recommendation System and now we are developing the concept of a virtual trial room. This technology integrated with our virtual personal stylist will take the whole shopping experience to the next level. This innovative application will not only help customers to make an easy decision while shopping online/offline but will also help businesses to reduce their return rate of apparels and increase sales. We plan to license the product to different e-commerce companies dealing with apparels and also branded offline stores. We are also open to collaborations with other companies working in the similar domain. We will be raising our Pre A series and are currently talking with some venture capitalists.