Startup@IITD: Nasofilter - A device to check air-pollutants

An IIT Delhi startup has developed a cost effective, easy to use device for filtering out the air pollutants. The team used nanotechnology to build Nasofilters that sticks on the nasal orifice. The first prototype of the device was developed in 2016 The technology involved assembling millions of small-sized pores to create a thin flexible membrane, which could capture minute particles with high efficiency. The device recently won the Startups National Award 2017 the Technology Development Board for creating a new technology to protect against air pollutants and minimize the risk of respiratory diseases.

In an interview with Vanita Srivastava, the CEO and co-founder of the company Mr. Prateek Sharma talks about the device, how it differs from the others in the market, the challenges and more.

How and when did you get the idea for building Nasofilter?


The idea to build such a device emerged during my final year studies at IIT Delhi. I have seen my mother suffering from asthma from childhood. I always tried to bring some mask or filter for my mother. Though they were effective but somehow, they were not very comfortable to use throughout the day. I then conceptualized the design of Nasofilters along with Tushar Vyas and Jatin Kewlani (my co-founders). We also made sure that the solution should be affordable to everyone.


What are the advantages of Nasofilter when you compare this with other products in the market?


Nasofilter is as efficient as any other mask available. But its main advantages are its comfort level and aesthetics. It is a patch which sticks to your nasal orifice. It is very affordable and comes at a cost of Rs 10 as compared to other masks of similar efficiency which starts from Rs 300.


What is your future plan on the product?


Nasofilter and its technology has a scope to even stop viruses and gases. It is currently being produced to filter out particulate matters of the size PM 2.5. Our team has built a technology which would reduce the user cost in air filtration domain. After Nasofilters, we envision to enter into household air filtration applications as indoor air pollution is also a major problem to be solved.


What were the major challenges that you faced while making the product?


Nasofilters is a combination of high-tech, high-design and complex manufacturing processes. Bringing all these things together at a very affordable cost was something very challenging. At Nanoclean Global Pvt Ltd, we did all the possible synergies with various experts and companies to make our product India's most affordable and efficient pollution filter.