ReNew Power COE


Flexibility Assessment and Enhancement for Strengthening the Grid for Large Scale Renewable Integration

The project aims to assess the flexibility and strength of the electrical grid to take additional electrical energy generated by intermittent renewable sources.

This flexibility varies according to the geography and this project aims to link this with the variation in electrical inertia. The impact of renewable energy intermittency on generation re-scheduling will also be studied in this project.

Strategies for Grid Strengthening: Leveraging Storage for Solar integration at Distribution Network Level

Due to the sporadic and intermittent nature of supply of renewable energy from solar and wind farms, the grids struggle with consistent supply to users.

On the other hand, the user demands are fixed in time, e.g., fixed-time industrial use, air-conditioning, which peaks in the day time, EV charging, which subjects the grid to short spikes on the supply side etc. Thus, there is a mismatch in demand and supply timings. This project effort endeavoured to bridge this gap using Automatic Demand Response (ADR) mechanisms.

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

This project dealt with creating charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The unique aspect of the charging infrastructure is its bi-directionality, allowing for power to flow in both directions, thus not only charging the vehicle, but using batteries of the vehicle to transmit power back to the grid, via the charging infrastructure.


Sustainability Leadership Award

Applications are invited to recognize an exceptional research and student leadership in the broad area of sustainability. The awards are to be given in three different category, each comprises of cash award of Rs 25000, a certificate and a citation. Award will be given at a special function to be organized at IIT Delhi.