Placement @IITD

The hiring season at IIT Delhi has started on a robust note. Over 350 organisations from India and abroad have shown their intent to recruit students from IIT Delhi upto now. Students will be having ample choices during the campus placement as there are already over 500 job profiles on offer upto now.

By December 3, 2018, the total number of offers received by students has already crossed 500 (around 30% increase over the last year upto this time). Students from all streams are getting good offers. A snapshot of where the students are going (upto December 3, 2018):

From the above we can see that over 70% students have already opted for core jobs (since Information Technology is core for Computer Science and Mathematics and Computing streams).

International companies from the European region, Japan, Republic of China (Taiwan), Singapore and US recruited students from IIT Delhi with the largest number of international offers being received from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Around 35 international offers have been received by students upto now.

Prof. S. Dharmaraja, Head, Training & Placement Unit, IIT Delhi said, "We hope to have more core companies in the coming days."

Ms. Anishya Madan, Industry Liaison Officer, (T&P), said "The efforts of the entire placement team of staff and volunteers coupled with the positive reaction from industry this year has translated into these hiring numbers. We hope this trend continues till the end of the season."

On December 1, 2018, the first day of hiring season at IIT Delhi, more than 225 offers (a 10% increase over last year) including around 25 international offers were made to the students graduating in 2018-19. Companies from Japan, Singapore and US extended the international offers to the students with the maximum being from Microsoft Redmond (US) and SquarePoint Capital, Singapore. Many international offers were not accepted by students who gave preference to other job offers in India. Intel gave the maximum number of domestic offers to students.

Students also bagged over 160 PPOs of which over 85 were accepted. Samsung South Korea gave the maximum number of international PPOs. A few students opted for the deferred placement options of the institute available to students interested in pursuing their start-up dreams.

A rise has been witnessed this year in the organisations registering to hire students for core engineering profiles i.e. for electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, etc. Artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, stochastic modelling and predictive analysis look to be upcoming sectors as industry gears up for Industry 4.0 with an exponential increase in organisations looking for talent with this skill-set.

Several factors have been taken into consideration by IIT Delhi’s T&P unit before starting the placement process. T&P unit has ensured that all kinds of job profiles get a fair representation in the roster and each and every student gets a chance to be interviewed.

The placement season spans from Dec 2018 to May 2019. Registration processes for this season commenced from August, 2018.