Lecture by Dr. Eric D. Green - 'Entering the Era of Genomic Medicine'

Dr. Eric D. Green, MD, Ph.D, Director, National Human Genome Research Institute U.S. National Institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland, USA delivered a special lecture 'Entering the Era of Genomic Medicine' on January 9th, 2020 at IIT Delhi.

Abstract: The Human Genome Project – a 13-year (1990-2003) quest to sequence all three billion bases (‘letters’) in the human genome – was one of the most significant scientific endeavors in history. The resulting human genome sequence has dramatically empowered the study of human biology and disease. Specifically, in the ~17 years since the Project’s completion, spectacular advances in human genomics have created a foundation of genomic knowledge that is being used by researchers and clinicians to tackle increasingly complex problems in biomedicine. Of particular prominence is the use of revolutionary new DNA-sequencing technologies for generating prodigious amounts of genome-sequence data, which in turn are being used to elucidate the complexities of genome structure, function, and evolution, as well as to unravel the genomic bases of rare and common diseases. Meanwhile, impactful medical applications of genomics are now emerging. Together, these developments are ushering in the era of genomic medicine.

Dr. Eric D. Green Bio-sketch

10th Jan 2020