Learning Beyond the Classroom

The institute wore a colourful and vibrant look on the 50th convocation. There was an air of celebration and camaraderie all over the campus. Students were seen taking selfies, digging out their memories on the campus, exchanging notes on the journey ahead , parents were bonding with each other amid resonating applause and cheers

The institute had a decorative flavour with reflections of inter-cultural bonding, beautiful narrations of life on the campus and a youthful exuberance.

Dr Vanita Srivastava from the Communication Cell of IIT Delhi spoke to several graduating students and one common thing that emerged from the interactions was that IIT was not just about inhaling the best of academics and getting a paper published in an international journal. There was so much to learn beyond the classrooms and laboratories—the art of patience, the ability to trounce failures and most importantly to keep chasing your dreams despite roadblocks.

Swapnil Sharma—IIT Delhi has taught me perseverance, the ability to hold on and smile despite difficult situations. The freedom to learn and experience new things at this institute is unparallel.

Eesha Deshmukh—I had never been away from home but found it very easy to adjust. I learnt a lot from my peers. The best thing I liked at IIT Delhi was an exposure to interdisciplinary courses. There was a lot of freedom to take the projects. The extracurricular activities groomed me and built my confidence

Akansha Sharma—My stay in IIT has helped me learn new things. I made a lot of friends . There is a lot of focus on research and the faculty is world class. But the most important thing is that the institute allows a lot of freedom to innovate and learn.

Rigzin Angmo—My two years at IIT Delhi has helped me develop myself holistically. I have been able to hone my skills and talent.

Shasi Sony—I hail from a small town in Uttar Pradesh and am perhaps the first girl from my place to enter IIT. I could adjust very well despite my small town conservative upbringing. What I liked best about this place is that there are no rigid boundaries. There is so much of freedom for learning. I will cherish each moment of my stay here.

Vishal Kumar—The one important thing that I learnt at IIT Delhi is to never fear failures in life. There were lots of problems, many challenges and some low moments. But I could brave them. This learning to battle the various challenges will help me lifelong.

Simran Malik—I would say, the best thing I learnt during my four years stay here was that life unfolds many difficulties and roadblocks. You just need to be patient and calm and the intensity of the problem will gradually wane off.

Ayushi Narula—The institute has taught me many life lessons –foremost being to tackle difficult situations. Life will always throw challenges, one should learnt the art of defeating them.

Abhinav Shukla—The most important thing I learnt at IIT was to take responsibility. We alone are responsible for everything—good or bad things in our lives. Some of the other things that I take back from here are the values of perseverance, multi-tasking and diligence.

Suraj Taneja—IIT Delhi taught me to dream and more importantly to follow your dream. Failures and setbacks will come but you need to stay focussed and keep chasing your dream.

Sarthak Jain—Today I see myself as a more confident version of what I was a few years back and the credit for this goes solely to IIT Delhi. As a part of NSS, I was involved with various projects that had a direct social percolation. I was also a teaching assistant for some time and this bolstered my confidence to interact.

Nateesh Bharadwaj—I have leant that in life you should follow your dreams, what your heart desires rather than succumbing to social pressures. Perseverance, ability to work in a team and value friendship are some other things that I will take back from IIT.

Deepika Jhajharia—My five years at IIT Delhi has been a great learning platform. The two most important things that I have imbibed during these years is self reliance and confidence.

Isha Malhotra—IIT Delhi has taught me the value of patience and perseverance.

Janet Maria—Management of time and perseverance are the two things that I learnt at IIT Delhi.

Merlin John—The ability to look into the finer details is something I have learnt at IIT Delhi. This will always help me in my life.

Shelaka Gupta—My stay in IIT Delhi has taught me to cope with all the vagaries of life and withstand difficult and challenging situations.

Abhishek Bairwa—I was an introvert when I joined IIT. My communication skills have been honed and I am now able to deliver presentations with a lot of confidence.