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Jayan Jose Thomas is currently an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He has previously held academic positions at the National University of Singapore (February 2004-February 2008), Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (April-July 2008), Madras School of Economics (August 2008-October 2009) and Central University of Kerala (October 2009-July 2010). Jayan completed his PhD in development economics from the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai in December 2003 (degree awarded in January 2005). Jayan's research so far has dealt with various aspects of Indian development, especially issues related to labour, technology and industrialization. Jayan has worked extensively using Indian data sources, conducted field studies in industrial centres and in two Indian villages, and worked with archival material. While India will continue to be the focus of his future work, Jayan is keen to expand his research interests to other regions, particularly China. He hopes to contribute to the building of an interface between economics and other social sciences. His recent research papers have appeared in reputed journals including World Development and Development and Change, and in edited volumes published by Oxford University Press and Palgrave Macmillan Ltd. He was awarded the ‘Young Labour Economist Award’ of the Indian Society of Labour Economics in 2003. Jayan has taught (or is teaching) courses on Macroeconomics, Indian Economic Development, International Economics, Development Economics and Knowledge Economies. Currently, Jayan is researching on a number of projects/papers on the theme Labour, Capital and Technology in Indian Industrialization.

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