Design Thinking Workshop on Waste Management

A multi-disciplinary workshop to design an innovative model for waste management was organised in IIT Delhi on August 10.

Seven teams, each with four -five post graduate student with varied background of design, engineering, architecture and technology—spelt out the problem and outlined a feasible business model to address the issue of waste segregation.

“The main objective to have this kind of workshop is to bring about awareness of waste segregation and waste management on the campus. We are looking at ways on increasing the efficiency in processing of waste materials. The idea is to design an innovative system that segregates the wet and the dry systems from the source,” Deepti Gupta and PV Madhusudhan Rao, who took a joint initiative for organizing the workshop said.

“The workshop was a platform to innovate and design feasible solutions for the problem of waste segregation. There is a need for building awareness on the need for segregating the wet and the dry waste. The essential objective was to create a business model for an effective waste collection and disposal,” says Medha Kadian one of the participants.

Tejas Tilak, another participant from the Department of Design maintains that waste management in India is still not considered a serious issue. “This is a small baby step towards sensitization about the problem. If the business model is successful on the campus, it can be taken outside,”

Before the actual sessions, the teams visited the waste segregation and waste managements sites on the campus. After the session on the need statement, the teams elucidated on solutions that could be translated into a viable and economic business model.

10th August, 2019