Counselling and Mental Health Services

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What is counseling?

IIT Delhi has a fully functional Counselling Services Centre which functions on a broad spectrum using psychotherapy, enriching students, providing a support system for students, parents, faculty, staff, advising students. SCS is sensitive, receptive and empathetic towards every individual's thoughts and feelings. This capacity is further enhanced by the counselor's ability to extend her understanding by using assessment, interviews and administration of required psychological therapies. Clinical assessment is done and supported by counsellors by referring students to psychiatrists visiting every Tuesdays to IITD hospital and other government hospitals such as AIIMS which is closes to IITD and has a very experienced Psychiatry department.

In addition to the physical counsellors we also have YourDost an online portal providing 24x7 Mental Health support for IITD students, faculty and staff, through unlimited text counselling, audio-video sessions, discussion forums, and telephone/internet calls.