Call for Proposal for COVID-19 Research at IIT Delhi Supercomputer

  • Considering rising concern of COVID-19 spread in the nation, IIT Delhi is committing a total of INR 1 crore worth of High Performance Computing (HPC) Resource for COVID-19 research to merit based proposals selected from a nationwide call of proposals.

  • This allocations will be made for a 3 month duration to selected proposals for FREE which can be extended to a six month period on evaluating their performance.

  • Each proposal will have a maximum cap of INR 10 Lacs worth of computational resource.

  • Researchers affiliated to the government or private institutions are all welcome to apply to this call. Researchers from private companies may also apply in association with an academic partner.

  • All proposals will be evaluated by experts from IIT Delhi.

  • Proposals will be evaluated on first come first serve basis. Deadline for submitting proposals is 15th April. Completed proposal along with the endorsement (see the template) shall be submitted as a single pdf file to covid19hpc[@]

  • For smooth functioning of these projects, HPC-IIT Delhi will provide basic and limited support which will include instructions on job submissions. IIT Delhi will not be able to provide access to licensed software or support for software installation on the HPC.

  • On payment basis, all researchers from India are welcome to use IIT Delhi-HPC for COVID-19 research. IIT Delhi will match the amount contributed for HPC usage for COVID-19 research. In this payment basis mode, IIT Delhi is allocating a budget of INR 5 crore worth of HPC computational resource for the next 6 months. HPC usage charge and other details about IIT Delhi-HPC are mentioned at

  • All proposals need to be submitted with softcopy of endorsement from respective Head of the Institution.

  • All publications/other output will acknowledge use of IITD HPC facility as per the following template “The authors thank IIT Delhi HPC facility for computational resources."

Template for COVID-19 Proposal

For further details or queries, please contact covid19[@]