Apply for Chairs

Two externally-funded chair positions have fallen vacant as well as two new chair positions have been recently created from donor contributions. In addition, institute chair positions are also available across all areas.

Each chair has an initial tenure of three years, which is extendable up to a further period of two years. Each chair position will carry a monthly honorarium up to INR 25,000 per month and a research grant of INR 2 Lakh per annum. (Refer CDN Notification

Please consult the link to know about the eligibility criteria for each vacant chair.

Interested faculty members may apply for chair position on the online portal

One can apply for multiple chair positions as long as he/she fulfill the eligibility of the corresponding chair position. But, no faculty can hold more than one chair position at a time, irrespective of whether it is an externally-funded chair or an institute chair.

The application for all chair positions should be forwarded by the respective departments. For this, please print the first page of the completed application form and forward it to the office of Dean Faculty through respective HoDs/HoCs/HoSs. The deadline for application is January 13, 2020, Tuesday.